About Regado




Regado was founded in Durham, North Carolina, with an exclusive license to technology originating in Duke University Medical Center's Division of Surgical Sciences



Regado raised $5.6 million in a Series A financing from Aurora Funds (Durham, NC) and individual investors, including Robert Kierlin



The Company completed its Series B, raising $20 million, and added new investors Domain Associates (Princeton, NJ) and Quaker BioVentures (Philadelphia, PA)

Regado initiated its Phase 1 program for the REG1 Anticoagulation System, the first specific, direct-acting, anticoagulant aptamer-control agent pair ever described



The Company completed its Phase 1a clinical study

The Company’s Phase 1a REG1 data were presented during a late breaker session at the 2006 American Heart Association (AHA) annual meeting

The REG1 Phase 1a data were published in Circulation



The REG1 Phase 1b clinical study was completed

Regado completed the REG1 Phase 1c clinical study

Regado raised $23 million in a Series C round, adding Caxton to the Company’s list of investors

With the addition of a drug discovery team, the Company began development of Regado’s next-generation aptamer-control agent pairs

Regado began enrollment in its REG1 Phase 2 PCI pilot study

The clinical results from the REG1 Phase 1c study and the combined results from the Phase 1a and Phase 1b studies were presented in separate sessions during the 2007 American Heart Association’s annual meeting



Regado’s REG1 Phase 1c data were published in The Journal of Haemostasis and Thrombosis

Circulation published Regado’s REG1 Phase 1b study results

Regado appointed David J. Mazzo, Ph.D., as President and Chief Executive Officer

Regado opened an office in Basking Ridge, NJ

REG1 Phase 1a, 1b and 1c data presented at the European Society of Cardiology Congress

Regado completed enrollment in its REG1 Phase 2a study